Downtown Westport Master Plan

Plan for the Future of Downtown Westport

Your Downtown

The Westport Board of Selectman voted on June 15, 2015 to accept the Downtown Master Plan and to recommend initiating its prioritization and implementation phase. Click here to view the Plan now. (On PCs, to download and save the file on your computer first, right click on the link and then click “Save Link As…” and then locate the folder in which you would like to place the file). Visit the Products page for more details.

downtownThe Town of Westport, CT has embarked on an effort to create a plan for the future of Downtown. The purpose of this effort is to develop, through professional and public input, a Downtown Master Plan that will guide how Downtown evolves in the future. “Your Downtown,” initiated by the First Selectman’s Office (click here to view the press release), is a public call to action for residents to get involved.

The Downtown Survey for Residents, which received more than 3,100 responses, has been completed. There will be more opportunities to participate, so stay tuned for upcoming meetings and events. The goals and objectives of this effort include the following:

  • Create a downtown that is the focal point of the community.
  • Build on the unique visual aesthetics and physical assets of Westport, especially around improved access to the river.
  • Reconfigure downtown parking and streets to promote walking and reduce reliance on cars.
  • Encourage restaurants, galleries, public events, and activities that expand the use of downtown during the evenings.
  • Preserve downtown’s special charm and small town scale.

Visit the About page to get a more detailed explanation of the Plan and the planning process.

Visit the Downtown page for recent news articles and columns about the Downtown Westport Master Plan, Downtown in general, and details on planned and approved projects. Read about the Village District Study that is being undertaken in coordination with the Downtown Westport Master Plan.

Visit the Products page for presentations and reports related to the Downtown Westport Master Plan process and its deliverables.

Visit the History page to view maps and photos showing how Downtown Westport has changed over the past 100+ years. Contribute your own images to the page.


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